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The Earliest Harvest ever begins.
 Back to back good years is what we are thinking. We started harvest under clear skies on September 2nd, the earliest ever. That doesn't mean that grapes hung on the vine less than a normal year. We had bud break a nearly a month early in 2015 and the early harvest date reflects the early start. 

The 2015 will be remembered as one of the hottest years ever. We had record breaking heat in June and early July. What will be lost and is most important is how an early Autumn took what could have been a problem vintage and made it stellar. 

Unseasonable cool weather in August gave the grapes a chance for the flavors to catch up with the sugars. Excessively cool nights helped the grapes retain natural acidity and slowed sugar development. The resulting wines shoule prove to be balanced with alcohols between 13.5 and 14% and good structure with respect to both tannins and acid. 

While we never like to call a vintage until we see the resulting wine, 2015 holds a lot of promise. While being a record hot year, the heat came early and we will take early heat over late heat anytime. This vintage is nothing like the most recent hot year, 2009 and we feel we will make delicious wine from this vintage. 
Post By:   Adam Kline

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